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Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Health Savings Account

Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation

Free 15 Minute Consultation – want to learn about how integrative functional nutrition or therapeutic massage and bodywork can help? Or, just want to get to know us? We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation Mon-Fri from 4-5pm.

$40/hr First Time Visit

First visit – interested in experiencing bodywork or just want a basic nutrition consult, we offer a flat $40/hr fee for your first visit (two hour minimum).

$350 Special – First Time Complete Workup

Complete workup – first time $350 special includes:

  • 2hrs Interview & Nutrition Introduction – visit in person or over the phone.
  • 1hr Bodywork Introduction & Nutrition Focused Physical Exam – for in-person clients.
  • 4-6hrs Protocol Write-up – we meticulously review your intake, labs, nutrition focused exam, and doctor recommendations. Based on our assessment, we will design a 10 week protocol (2.5mo/protocol). Client not present at this time.
  • 2hrs Protocol Review & Basic Nutrition Education – during this follow-up phone or in person visit, we will review our nutrition assessment and present food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations along relevant with evidence based research. Support includes basic nutrition education and recipes as well as menu planning and food frequency templates to get you started.
  • Note – any lab testing necessary is separate from this fee and obtained through your doctor or a local lab provider.

Real Help Requires Real Time!

Healing is a Process…We can only heal as fast as physiology will allow

$65/hr Standard Rate

Standard rate – applies for all follow-up bodywork sessions or nutrition consultations. Most other therapists are significantly more; but we believe that to real help requires real time!

Time Estimates

Follow-up Protocol Time Estimates – depending on client needs, most follow-up protocols take 4hrs (1hr re-interview visit in person or over the phone + 2.5hr protocol writeup by me + 0.5hr review visit over the phone).

Bodywork Session Time Estimates – a typical bodywork session is 2hrs for first several visits. Once the body is more balanced, a typical session is 1hr.

Free Call Time

5-6pm CST on Mon-Fri – we offer over the phone free support so clients can check-in or ask questions. The time frame allotted per client is 8 min or less. Additional time required beyond the 8min will be charged at the standard rate based on length of phone visit.

[Note: your primary care is provided by your doctor, if this is an emergency, please call 911]

Referral Discount

$30 Discount – refer a client and receive $30 off your next visit over 1hr

Typically, we can make significant improvements in 3 bodyworking sessions &/or 3-10w Nutrition Protocols!

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