For years traditional medicine failed to solve

For years traditional medicine failed to solve my chronic sinus, ear, and throat infections, loss of voice, anxiety and depression, insomnia, digestive issues, muscle pain, brain fog, etc. By the spring of 2020, my symptoms were acute and terrifying enough to land me in the ER where I was diagnosed with yet another infection-this time in my lungs. Despite the massive doses of medications I received, my energy continued to plummet and I had chest pains, trouble breathing, dizziness, debilitating panic attacks, chemical sensitivities, fever that came and went, and countless GI/digestive issues. Barely functional, I had to quit my teaching career, sell my house in TX, and relocate to TN. At this point I called Alise, recommended by a friend at least a year earlier, and started my first protocol in August of 2020. She turned out to be the answer to years of prayer. Her understanding of bodily systems, nutrition, supplements, brain science, environmental factors, and how they all work together is truly phenomenal. God has gifted Alise with the heart of a healer. She has walked closely and patiently with me on this journey as my coach for a year now and I am stunned at how far I have come. Following her protocols diligently, I am off multiple prescription and OTC medications for anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and allergies. Addictions to sugar, alcohol, and caffeine have been broken. My panic attacks, chest pains, breathing and allergy issues are gone. I am going to church and Bible study again, working full time, and enjoying my family and friends. It is taking time, energy, resources, and vigilance for my body to heal but walking this path with Alise is the best investment I’ve ever made. I have changed dramatically for the better and highly recommend Alise to anyone who is ready to change the trajectory of their health and life. Alise also referred me to an amazing counterstrain practitioner (since travel to WI was not an option) that has helped my body resolve issues more quickly. God has granted me a second shot at life and an opportunity to live a more balanced, holistic, wise, and grounded life. I’m not being dramatic when I say my husband and I thank God every day for what He is accomplishing in me through Alise. Ten stars out of five!

Kimberlea E.